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Mr. Mukund Patel

Managing Director, ABC WELL CARE

ABC WELL CARE is an Company who adapted advance technology and models to spread the awareness about key basic needs likes Health, Education, Leisure and Agriculture. Direct Selling is a best way to Deliver Product with high values. Yes we are ABC WELL CARE.


To be always ahead of times and up to date, we have been constantly looking for new technologies, innovations that will help us create new and better products to cater both domestic and international market needs. We have also started focusing on capturing and tapping global markets. With this, we aim and strive to take ABC WELL CARE to greater heights and achievements in all markets. And maintaining continuous interaction with consumers to assess their emerging requirement, so as to be ready when the needs arise.
The young and inspiring entrepreneur MR. MUKUND PATEL is a man who started small, dreamt big and used a combination of grit and perseverance to create one of India's only direct selling firms, ABC WELL CARE His financial restrictions and limited resources made him began his work early but could never deter him away from thinking big.
Committed to deliver 'value for money' and create ideal opportunities in direct selling business, he successfully strikes a chord with destiny and drove this venture to new heights. He always believed network marketing has tremendous potential in a diverse culture like India, for the business is about relationship building and not merely trading products. As a part of his growth strategy for company, he plans to take Indian direct selling business to places and establish a prosperous network all across the world. Equally part of his future development strategy for the company, he plans to introduce reformatory changes in the company's sales force to change the ways direct selling business is portrayed in India.

Mr. Sanjay Lachhman Arora

Development Head

The visionary Development Head, Sanjay Lachhman Arora has a network marketing expertise of more than 15 years. A passionate motivator, he is a strong believer in systems, procedures and code of ethics to create an environment perfect for the growth of direct-selling in India. He had intense experience in the professional industry and has worked in many reputed networking companies at the state level.


Through ABC WELLCARE, Sanjay Lachhman Arora aims to provide a fantastic business opportunity for every individual to live their life with economic independence along with natural and environmentally clean products suitable for the entire family.

With the Grace of our beloved Satguru, I am happy and delighted to be a part and family member of ABC, I am committed to provide my best services to each and evry associate of ABC WELLCARE .

Please fasten your seat belts for a bright future.