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Welcome to The Ayushine Better Concept Wellcare Pvt. Ltd.

Ayushine Better Concept Wellcare Pvt. Ltd. is an Company who adapted advance technology and models to spread the awareness about key basic needs likes Health, Education, Leisure and Agriculture.

At ABC WELLCARE, we sell products that are pure and natural. Give your mind and body the love it deserves through ABC WELLCARE products. Our product range is meant to boost your immunity and make you healthy and good looking both inside out. Our products are perfectly formulated with love and care. It has all the right ingredients to make you feel one with nature and completely rejuvenate your skin from deep within. Here at ABC WELLCARE, you will find the best products online that will soothe your soul and balance your mind and body.

At ABC WELLCARE, we sell the opportunity of a lifetime to people. We are open to connecting people who are interested to become direct sellers of our ABC WELLCARE products. If you care about nature, its sustainability and the environment, here is the perfect chance to show it. Our aim at ABC WELLCARE is to give the right opportunity to ‘ecopreneurs’. We help you flourish as an independent business and earn the extra income. Connect with us today to become an ABC WELLCARE distributor.

ABC WELLCARE helps you grow and in turn do good to nature too. Our range of products is meant for you and only you.


Our Services

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Abc Wellcare offers free registration to all the interested distributors. You have to register yourself under a referral ID. There is no fee or registration charges to become a direct seller of Abc Wellcare.

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From time to time, Abc Wellcare brings out schemes aimed at helping distributors sell organic products to develop their team business. The combo/free offers are so designed to make the purchase decisions easy.

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Abc Wellcare offers the best incentives and guidance to direct sellers who sell our products. If you are a new distributor, Abc Wellcare offers free delivery of products on your Invoices Above 5000/- MRP products.

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Free and unlimited training is provided to all Abc Wellcare independent business owners so that it helps them achieve their goals be it either the organic product sale or the customer reach.

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At Abc Wellcare, we offer useful facilities to distributors like the SMS information facility on every purchase and payout. This is intended to make the sales and incentive information clear.

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At ABC Wellcare we facilitate all payout transfers through NEFT/RTGS

ABC WellCare Training Ladder

Level 1

Basic ABC WELLCARE organic product range related training.

Level 2

Effective product presentation & selling skill workshop.

Level 3

Core line retailing workshop and certificate courses.

Level 4

Experiential training & leadership empowerment program.

At Abc Wellcare, we believe in empowering our distributors with fine marketing skills so that they grow their business manifold. We provide various levels of skill enhancement programs to distributors from time to time. In addition to the level training, Abc Wellcare has also designed training modules on product detailing. The Abc Wellcare independent business owners can complete these courses at their own pace. The programs will help them with the support and knowledge of the Abc Wellcare organic product range at the initial days of setting up the business. Abc Wellcare has plans of running certification programs and forums for business distributors who have achieved a significant business ranking and level. All the above programs are aimed to support and help the independent Abc Wellcare distributors grow a sustainable business model.